Monday, January 24, 2011

Start the Car!!

Do you remember the IKEA commercial from a few years ago? The one where the woman saves so much money she thinks she robbed the store?

That was me tonight. Except not at IKEA.

As of tonight, I am officially an Old Navy convert. I have to give the credit to my best friend's sister whose love of Old Navy might have been mocked a few times by me... I apologize completely.

What I got tonight at regular prices (and then sale prices).

1 mens argyle sweater vest $24.50 ($7.19)

My husband is going to look SO handsome!

1 childs dress shirt with tie $19.50 ($2.99)

1 childs long sleeve shirt $ 7.50 ($1.19)

1 pair childs hightop sneakers $16.50 ($2.08)

I want to get these in all colours!

1 pair childs winter boots $22.50 ($2.98)

4 pairs girls bloomers $ 9.50 ($0.28)

1 pair cowboy boot slippers $10.50 ($1.79)

Aren't they CUTE?!

Grand total: $139.00 ($19.34)

I SAVED $119.66 or 86% !!

Best shopping trip ever... I am SO going back tomorrow....


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