Saturday, January 15, 2011

According to my Toddler...

When asked if he has pooped or peed, he always responds "No!"
When asked "Who poops in your diaper?" he replies "Bullseye." (Or Jessie, or sometimes, one of the little girls at daycare)

His version of Skinnamarink (the closing song from The Elephant Show) is:
"Stinky-doo. Love you. Morning, morning, morning."

There are many uncles in our family. Uncle Grandma, Uncle Emily, and Uncle Daddy are his new favourite uncles.

In the last few weeks, he's been dressing himself, and he tells us constantly "I do it." It's nice seeing him learning these skills... How fast time goes.



  1. Haha so hilarious! To my daughter all farm animals go "moo/moo" lol.

  2. Sheep and goats make the same noises. And apparently so do hippos and frogs...
    I love toddlers! I can't feel tense around them because they just make me laugh.