Saturday, January 22, 2011

Link Loves (January 22) and Word for the Year

I love the links from the Finer Things this week!


-the one talking about the National Debt (I'm Canadian, but we could still learn something from this article)

-the one talking about living small (This goes with my goal to organize, declutter, and simplify my home this year)

-the one about training your children (or how to be a lazy housewife) (Of course, if I wanted to follow this one, I would need to have 3 more kids, which could take quite a while...)

Also, tomorrow is National Pie day (not to be confused with pi day which is in March) and Life as Mom has quite a few pie-baking tips and recipes.

I'm hoping to make an Apple Pie, and maybe a Chicken Pot Pie (except I'll use turkey).

I should probably make a Lemon Meringue Pie too, for my sister's birthday, but I'll probably make it from a mix, not from scratch. (I know that it's cheating, but I'll be at my parents, and I'd rather not bake all day)

Other things I've been reading this week:

-I love the concept of making a different crochet block every week and then sewing them together into an afghan when I’ve got enough.

-These are the cutest Apple, Pear and Strawberry coasters! I know a few teachers I’d love to make these for.

-In the spirit of helping me get organized, I’d love to make a day planner like this one.

-This year I’m turning 25 (I’ve been trying to forget about that). I guess I should make a list of 25 things to do before I’m 25. Check out Tabitha's list.

I almost forgot! The Hubby and I have decided on our word for the year. We really want to live on purpose instead of coasting through. For that reason, we've decided that 2011 is going to be all about living intentionally. Our first intentional act this week was to redo our budget so that we could see where our money has been going, and where we are going to put it. Our priorities in life are the things we put the most time and money into. We as a family want our priorities to be clearly identified, so we're trying to clear out the clutter from our home, from our bodies, and from our minds.

This will be an amazing year of growth and changes, and we're all excited for where God brings us. I hope you all have an amazing weekend! We're headed to visit my sister for her birthday!

until next time,


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