Thursday, January 27, 2011

Deslobification Update: 111 in 1/11

So, a few weeks ago I mentioned a goal I set of decluttering (donating, selling, or otherwise getting rid of stuff) 111 things within January 2011.

We surpassed 111 things!
We've got a "to donate" box, and we kept filling it and forgetting to drop things off, so when my wonderful husband finally did make the trip to Salvation Army (and then to Value Village because Salvation Army wasn't accepting any more donations) We had almost 4 boxes of stuff to donate.

Presenting our 111 Items:

1: Large Bag of Cotton Batting (I thought I'd take up quilting 2 years ago... nothing happened)
2-3: Speakers (they still work)
4-8: Computer games
9-11: Board Games
12-41: Books
42-44: Musical Instruments
45-57: Kitchen equipment (including dishes, coffee maker, and cake pans)
58-72: Candle holders/Home Decor
73-76: Craft Items (sewing kits, wreath form...)
77-104: Toys (stuffed animals, balls, cars, noisy toys)
105-11: Clothing and Random objects (locker shelf, blind for a car window...)

(I donated the toys to the church nursery so that our monkey can still play with them, but also so I don't need to constantly pick them up. Everything else went to Value Village)

We're hoping to keep decluttering, and maybe this year we'll shoot for decluttering 730 things in 365 days! (that's an average of 2 items per day, and so far in 30 days, we're already 15% finished!! We have 619 items to go and 338 days left)
I think we can do it. I have a whole bookshelf of cookbooks to go through, and we've got only a million toys or so for the monkey... I think we could get rid of 638 toys, and he'd still be fine! (he's got those mini plastic army figures...)

So far, my decluttering goals for 2011 are right on track.

Now I'm off to clean my partially decluttered house...


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