Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello new me!

So I've been reading this book called "Total Mom Makeover" and while it sounds a little cheesy, it really has some great points.
I've been wanting to change for a while, change my eating, my sleeping, my thoughts, my lifestyle, my study habits. I am a mother, a wife, a best friend, a sister, a daughter, and I want to be those things for many many years, so I need to make my life the best it can be.
I've been going through the book for a week now, and there are some really great points with each day. I want to go over each day, my thoughts and my dreams, but since I've already done a week, I'm going to start today by reviewing the last week.

Week One-Day One:
-forget about what you "should" be doing. Quit feeling guilty, quit feeling powerless, quit feeling hopeless. Repeat to yourself "I can" or "I will" and take productive action. No more guilt. It's time to take action.

1. Think about all of those "shoulds" and write them down. Empty out all of the burdens you have been carrying around.

2. Make a firm decision that you want more out of life, that you want to be the best wife, mother, homemaker, and woman that you could ever be. Write this down starting with "I have decided...." and finish with what you desire for your home, health, family and life.

My list of "shoulds"
-read my bible every day
-do my readings for class every night
-spend more time focusing on C and enjoy the moments together
-respond in love to others when I want to lash out
-pray thoughtfully every day
-make meals ahead of time
-eat healthier
-practice classwork (baking and cooking) at home
-write a food journal
-exercise daily
-take the bus instead of the car
-find a social support group
-make time for my friends
-dance and act silly with C
-Relax and let go. Take a bath, read a good book
-keep my scrapbook up to date
-finish my crochet projects
-clean my house regularly

My Decision:
I have decided that I want to be the best mother, wife and friend that I can be. I will become healthy in my body, heart, spirit, and mind, and I will take time for myself so that I can better care for those around me.

Week One-Day Two
"One person dreamed of becoming somebody, another remained awake and became."
Our dreams help to give us an image of the person we want to become. Visualize the future and make adjustments to your life to fit that vision. Every moment can be a move forward if you have clear vision in place. Take time to focus on the clear vision of the woman you are becoming. Walk like her, talk like her, speak to your friends and family like her, love your husband like her. She is the new you.

1. Take the list of "shoulds" and use it to identify what you want out of life. Write "My Vision" and describe the woman that you want to become. Write the description in first person perspective. This is the new you, make your description as clear as you can.

2. Look through magazines and books to find quotes and images that capture the vision you have for your health, home, family and life. Make this as big as you want, and hang it where you can be reminded daily of the person you are becoming.

I have abundant energy. I take walks with my family every evening. I am comfortable and love my body. I enjoy lots of fruit and vegetables. I make healthy choices for every meal. I love to swim and bike often. I sing and read books and play with C. I do something special for my family every week and enjoy coming up with new surprises for them. I treat myself to a manicure or a new magazine as a reward for a challenging week. I think before I speak and never interrupt. I am a friend to those around me and surround myself with positive people. I treat my husband with respect. I do not yell. I volunteer to help those less fortunate than myself. I pay all of my bills early. I allow myself to relax after a hard day. I complete my classwork ahead of all due dates. I put things where they belong around the house and don't leave messes until they get overwhelming. I love waking up every morning and I go to bed with a smile every night.

Week One-Day Three
"words -so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them." --Nathaniel Hawthorne
-positive messages comments propel us to greatness, negative comments can scar us for life. You can transform your world when you transform your vocabulary. Remove toxic words (like can't) from your vocabulary, and instead use empowering, positive words. In situations where you feel negativity taking over, step back and ask yourself "what do I REALLY want?" focus on the goals you have, and visualize what your life will be like if you stick to those goals.

1. Write down four categories (Home, Health, Family and Life) and write a positive and empowering message that illustrates your vision. Think of these messages often throughout the day.

2. Think about some negative phrases you use and try to find positive phrases to replace them. Practice using the new phrases and eliminating the toxic words from your vocabulary.

HOME: In my home the people are worth more than the stuff.
HEALTH: I am a smart and beautiful woman who loves her body.
FAMILY: My family is filled with joy and love for each other.
LIFE: I love every moment I have on this earth and do my best every day.

I'm disappointed in you = I'm surprised at your behaviour
I can't take it anymore = I'm learning and growing.
I'm so depressed = I need some motivation
You know better = Let my teach/help you
You're getting on my nerves = you're helping me stretch myself.
I'm sick and tired = I have made a decision.
I can't = I will try harder next time.

Wish List

There are some things that I've been wanting in my life for so long that they seem beyond my reach anymore.

I want to have my pre-baby body. no stretch marks, lungs that can sing and walk up stairs without gasping or turning red.

I want a husband whose desire is only for me. I want to trust that the internet is not being misused, that I'm not going to feel betrayed or ugly or fat because he prefers the girls in the porno films to me.

I want to have a house that doen't stress me out, that makes me feel glad to live in it, that I enjoy maintaining and keeping clean.

I want to have a social network of people who I can call up at any time and have conversations about my real heart without feeling like I'm dumping on them. friends who will give back and who will drop everything to just go out for coffee...

I want to love myself. To believe that I am strong and beautiful and caring and talented. To get over my guilt and shame and fears and to trust the One who made me the way I am.

I want to dive into a deeper relationship with my Creator, ignoring my laziness and procrastination, and to really start living the way I was created to.

I want to start living and stop thinking about living. To love and to serve without wanting something in return, to learn every day more of the wonders my Lord has made in this world, and to live by example and not just say the nice words.

My life is not just mine. it has a purpose, and I want to be able to say when my time is up that I really did do the BEST that I could with every moment of every day and that I took what God blessed me with and used every single day to glorify Him.

I will change. I am changing. This life is the best life, and it will keep getting better.

Praise God.