Monday, January 31, 2011

Make it Happen (Intentional) Monday

Our word for this year is Intentional, and we've been making family time a priority, and really focusing on things we can enjoy together as a family. On that note, we have decided to make Monday our Sabbath day since Hubby doesn't work Mondays, and I don't have class Monday until the end of March).

Today was such a wonderful blessing. It was cold, but amazing.
Our fun activities included:
-Skating at an outdoor public rink (C's first time skating and he loved it!)
-Reading and playing at the library (C got to choose a movie)
-Going out to lunch at McDonalds where C played in the Play land (and I played Mario Kart)
-Colouring and playing at home, and watching Toy Story 2 together (while eating dinner)

I love Mondays! Next week, we already have plans to go swimming.

As for my to do list for the week, things I MUST do include:
-Find a family doctor, and Hubby needs to get to the clinic
-Phone those government people so I can get a(nother) copy of my NOA from 2009...
-Contact the friend of a friend at my potential job to make sure I still have a potential job
-Pay phone and internet bill
-Clean the fridge

Things I would LIKE to do this week:
-Meal plan! I need one to use up everything in our freezer...
-Finish group project for Cuisine and Culture
-Go to Coffee break on Wednesday (I miss those ladies)
-Do my homework for Bible study on Thursday
-Clear our dinner table and put the tablecloth on...
-Spend time with a friend I've been neglecting because of busyness

Things I would love to PUT OFF until next week but better do tomorrow...
-Laundry... preferably before running out of clean socks and underwear for our (almost) potty-trained little man
-Put away the clothes and toys we've organized into bins in our monkey's room before they get dumped out again...

I'm still wishing for a laundry and dishes fairy to appear in my house, but the longer I wait, the less likely it seems she even exists.


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