Thursday, January 13, 2011

Am I Still Strong if I Cry?

Lately there has been a lot floating around in my head....

When people say, "When God closes a door, he opens a window" which one is better? Could the thing he closes be a window, and a door is opened? Could he close one door and open a different one?

Can I love a life that is filled with change and uncertainty, but at the same time love an organized life with a schedule? Am I crazy to expect that order can be found even amidst chaos?

Am I a terrible mother for wanting to send my son to daycare on days when I don't do any schoolwork or even work at home?

If I would love to have a dozen children, but my husband wants to join the military (which means he'll be away for a few months or more at a time), should I try to give both options a chance, or should I stop with the one wonderful child we have because it 'wouldn't be fair' to have more? And what happens if I want to work but have more than one child?

Does it matter if I go to a respected teacher for advice rather than my pastor if I feel more comfortable talking with my teacher? Or should I go to my pastor because he has the same beliefs as me, even if I don't really feel comfortable talking with him?

Why are goodbyes so difficult, even when they're not forever? Even when the person you say goodbye to lives down the street and you'll see them a couple times a month?

Why do people say that change is good if it hurts so much?

Am I still strong if I cry?


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