Monday, March 21, 2011

25 Goals before I'm 25...

I wanted to start this list last year, but I kept either forgetting about it or putting it off...
Now that I'm getting much closer (36 weeks away) I better figure out some reasonable goals before the end of the year.
I've got 40 weeks until December 31, and I'm going to give myself until then to complete as many things on this list as I can.

1. Graduate from College (grad date is June 9th I think)
2. Have a weekend away with the Hubby at a nice hotel (we're planning a getaway at the end of June in Ottawa)
3. Put together a cake portfolio to start my home business
4. Do something with our wedding pictures
5. Finish a baby blanket for our baby
6. Finish crocheting baby slippers
7. Make jam
8. Do some gardening (at my parents, at a community garden, maybe have an herb garden?)
9. Pick fruit (strawberries, raspberries, apples, pumpkins...)
10. Finish Connor's animal paintings (hopefully in time for his birthday)
11. Make cheese bread at home (even if I use the bread maker)
12. Complete a family recipe book with my grandma/grandpa's recipes
13. Go on one date a month with my hubby (10 months)
14. Get a manicure
15. Find a summer job
16. Send a letter to each of our sponsor children
17. Send a snail mail letter to a friend
18. Visit IKEA
19. Organize and declutter our stuff (730 in 365)
20. Get rid of all credit card debt
21. Reduce expenses so I can be a stay at home mom
22. Take my mom somewhere special
23. Go to a concert
24. Try Freezer Cooking
25. Have a healthy baby. We pray for this baby every day, and I'm really excited to meet him/her in October.

All of these goals are possible, and I'm excited for the challenge.
Quarter-of-a-Century, here I come!


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