Friday, March 11, 2011

Fill in the Blanks Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a long week for us. Monkey has been really sick with a cough and fever, so I've missed all my classes to stay home and pray that he gets better.

Today we've got a playdate with a new friend, and we're really excited to get out of the house ( I think I'm more excited than he is...). We also need to do some grocery shopping, and maybe some laundry...

I'm finally feeling better today after feeling pretty sick all week myself, and since I had a lot of fun the last time I did a Fill-in-the-Blanks Friday, I thought I'd tag along again. I'm linking up to Lauren at the little things we do.

Have a great day!

1. My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is:
continuing my education while also raising my son and keeping house for my husband. I'm doing it out of necessity, so I don't think I'm amazing, but my mom told me that she thinks I'm doing an amazing job, so I guess I'm doingsomething right .

2. My favorite place to sit in my house is:
somewhere cuddled up with a blanket. Usually the love seat... but I don't like to share .

3. My fashion philosophy is:
to only wear things that I love and that make me feel great. I believe a great pair of heels can bring amazing confidence to even the most simple outfit. I stick with classics pieces, but I'm trying to bring in colour instead of just wearing neutrals .

4. Something every girl should have is:
a pair of heels that makes her feel like a superstar! I bought my first pair last year, and any time I put them on I feel amazing .
(sure I wouldn't be able to walk in these, but at least my feet would look great)

5. If you looked in my purse right now you'd find:
multiple pens, my current crochet project (I think I even have the right hook), mints, junk mail I haven't thrown out yet, coupons, my wallet, cell phone, keys, prenatal vitamins, a pull-up, and a sippy cup .

6. My favorite music right now is:
The Good Lovelies! Amazing Canadian group of ladies who I'm going to see in concert in a few weeks! .

7. My favorite part of my body is:
my hands. Though I will never be a hand model, my hands have soothed a sick child, have created art, have prepared meals and baked treats, have encouraged and comforted friends, have played music... I've done so much with these hands, and I wouldn't change a thing .



  1. I love your answer to your favorite part of your body. That is so sweet. :)

  2. Thanks! I remember reading a poem about a mother's hands once, and it really stuck with me. Your hands tell your story so much more than anything else.