Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy "Pie" Day!

Today is the day to celebrate pi. Or pie. Or both!

It's a math joke, but for those of you who are confused, the mathematical value of pi is 3.14 so March the 14th is the calendar equivalent!

My friend's brother celebrated it either last year or the year before by actually making pie for his friends at university, but I'm not feeling quite so ambitious.

My solution is "pie" cupcakes!

An example can be found in the book "What's New, Cupcake?" by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, and I liked it so much, I'm going to make them myself.

So far, my "Items Needed" includes:
20 cupcakes (Butter Pecan)
1 large bag of M&Ms (which I like a lot more than the Smarties they recommend) sorted by colour
Icing (my own mocha buttercream)
1 piping bag with coupler, and tips (I ended up just using the same tip)

and the results:

I ran out of blue and red M&Ms, so I used the other colours.
I'm sure they still tasted the same...

a close up:

I LOVE them! My brother and his super smart friends got 6, and the Alpha group at church got the other 6. Of the remaining cupcakes (I started with 20) 5 are un-iced and will be taken to work by my hubby, 1 was eaten by Monkey, 1 was licked by Monkey, and 1 had a bite taken out of it by... you guessed it, Monkey.

This experiment was a great success! I've got cupcakes to make for Saturday too, so it looks like another baking-filled week!




  1. Oh my goodness, that looks amazing Angela! You're so talented!

    Rachel Veldhuizen

  2. I must say that your cupcake decorating skills have come quite a way from those abu cupcakes we made. those were pretty ugly, lol. ah good times... :)

  3. Thanks Rachel!
    Alysha, I prefer to think of those Abu cupcakes as having "personality"... but yeah, they weren't very good looking.