Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wednesday: Sometimes Love is Hard

This Wednesday I'm having a hard time being grateful for everything. Life in general is hard right now. Some days I feel lonely, even inside marriage, and today is one of those days. But I'm going to find some things that I still love, even though I'm not filled with happiness.

As always I'm linking up to Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesdays.

This week I'm loving:

Monkey's new hair cut! Daddy spikes his hair, so he spiked Monkey's hair, and he loves it! He ran into daycare yesterday saying "Spiky hair, Spiky hair!" to his teacher (of course, by that time, he'd been wearing a hat for a while, so there were no spikes left, but he was still excited.)

It's March! That means spring time is SUPER close! I'm already dreaming of having a mini garden, whatever I can plant in big pots and put out onto our "space that might be a patio if it wasn't gravel". I'm hoping for an herb garden, but I might get ambitious and plant some flowers...

March Break is this week for me! I'm the mom who still sends her kid to daycare so I can have a week of vacation by myself. To be honest, it's just going to be 3 days vacation by myself, but I'll enjoy every minute!

31+ more weeks! I had my first appointment last week, and while the poking and the prodding weren't fun (really, how many women actually ENJOY getting a physical?), the appointment was encouraging, and I've got a fantastic doctor and staff at the school. We may even be getting a family doctor soon!
I'm still REALLY hoping to get a space with the community midwives, and I've got 3 more weeks before trimester 1 is over. They like their patients to be under 12 weeks along, so please pray that I get in!

My husband is a great man. He loves me when I'm most unloveable, he puts up with my crazy preggo mood swings and food aversions. He encourages me to take naps, and watches the Monkey so I can actually have naps! So even in the bad times when we have heated "discussions" I still choose to love him. Today and for all the rest of my tomorrows.

I feel much better now that I've put my thankfulness ahead of my grumbles. I hope you're having a blessed Wednesday and that you can count more blessings today than any negative things in your life.


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  1. I'm looking forward to spring as well! On of our shrubs has the smallest little flower bud on it!!!