Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What do you REALLY Need for a Baby?

When I was expecting Monkey, I read all kinds of books, and made up huge lists of all the items I NEEDED...
Now that we're old pros at this (joking... we're still learning every day) the list I've got for a second baby is much shorter than the other lists I had.

My Top Ten Baby Needs are:

10. A place for baby to sleep (crib? basinet? cradle? playpen?)

9. Sheets, blankets, and puke cloths.

8. A place to wash baby, and all the stuff needed for bathing (tub or sink? soaps, towels, washcloths)

7. A baby carrier (a front carrier? sling? wrap?)

6. A car seat (just rear facing? or do we get a convertible seat?)

5. A stroller (do we get a double stroller? or a sit-and-stand? or do we make Monkey walk?)

4. Bottles (if we need to supplement formula) ALSO a Breast Pump

3. Something for baby to wear (can't forget clothes!)

2. A place to feed baby (rocking chair? cozy lounger? couch?)

1. Diapers (Cloth? or disposable?) and wipes

Even though I've narrowed down my list, I still need to figure out the exact detail of each item.

It's a good thing I've still got 32 weeks to go!


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