Thursday, February 17, 2011

~7 Weeks~

If you haven't seen this post already, then it might come as a surprise to you, but *TaDa!!*

We're pregnant!!

I haven't had my official first doctor's appointment yet, but after peeing on a few sticks and not seeing any sign of "Aunt Flo" for ummm almost 2 months, I'm pretty sure that it's confirmed.

We're still lacking in the camera department (hopefully not for long) so I can't show you the picture of my non-existent bump yet. All that it is now is leftover weight that I still haven't lost after having our first baby (mumbletwentyeightmonthsagomumble)...
When it actually looks like something other than muffin top, I'd be glad to share pictures (as long as I can do it with a shirt on. Stretchmarks are not a pleasant thing to look at!)

As of today, I am 7 weeks pregnant!



  1. Congratulations!! Hope you feel well and have a wonderful 7ish more months!

  2. Thanks! Aside from feeling tired all day, and having a little nausea in the mornings and when I'm cooking certain foods (garlic, any seafood, poultry) I'm doing well!
    I'm really looking forward to enjoying every moment with this pregnancy!