Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day Craft-a-Palooza!

The countdown to LOVE day is ON!

I'm not normally a Valentines Day fan (I sometimes think that it's just a made-up holiday to make single people feel sad, and to make people get fat on chocolate, and to sell greeting cards....) but I'm a huge fan of all kinds of cute crafts.

Or this awesome crochet heart garland?

Maybe this year I'll write a love letter to my hubby using conversation hearts (shown by Out of the Crayon Box)
Or this (ooh-la-la!) card from the polka-dot thought.
Or maybe these Valentines Love coupons...

So many ideas!

And for the little monkey, what about Colour-in Valentines Cards from Prudent Baby...

And if that's not enough Valentine love, check out these links for EVEN MORE Valentines Day ideas!

One last thing, I'm definitely going to be doing some baking, and these Valentines DayCupcakes with cool Royal Icing Accents are on my list,

As well as these adorable (and a little risque) bra and panties cookies!

Happy Crafting!!


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