Friday, April 8, 2011

How Fast Can You Eat Cake?

Tonight we played host to about 25 people (teens and their chaperones) for dessert.

It was part of a youth event that had the young people traveling around our city to 5 different houses for a different part of the meal at each house.

We got to host the dessert portion, and I'll just say it was a HUGE hit...

I made a strawberry and brownie trifle, and it was gone almost instantly. It's a good thing I snapped these pictures, because AS I was taking them, the crowd descended on the apartment, and if I'd waited even 2 minutes, the trifle would have been demolished.

top view

side view

I made some mini trifles that didn't have brownies or chocolate bar crumbs in them (because of a nut allergy). I also had some gingerbread cookies on hand that I'd baked earlier this week, and quite a few of them were enjoyed as well.

The kids came, ate, and left within 7 minutes... It was like a hurricane, but thankfully we had plastic plates and utensils, so clean-up involved almost no work.

I'm not sure if we would volunteer again (the noise would have woken a normal child, but Monkey slept right through) but we had fun.

Or at least we survived...


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