Thursday, April 7, 2011

As Kids Say it...

Monkey's speech is really coming along, but there are times when he says something to me that just cracks me up...

Today we were reading a book about animals found in nature:
Me: What animal is this?
Monkey: ummm a chicken-munk.

Last night he was trying to get me to go to bed. (Note, he pronounces his own middle name "Nick-is")
Daddy: tell Mommy to go to bed.
Monkey: "Mommy Nick-is Steed. Go to bed!

The other night, Monkey was coughing and crying from having a sore throat from coughing, so I was looking for his cough medicine. This isn't something he said, but I had a really good laugh after this conversation took place.
Me (to Hubby): Where's (Monkey's) cough medicine?
Hubby (half asleep): It's with his education.
Me: What?!
Hubby: His education. Don't laugh.

I've got no idea where his "education" was, but I found the medicine on a book shelf in the living room.

Any funny things your kids have said lately?


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