Saturday, December 4, 2010

Birthday Week and Christmas Countdown!

Today is B's birthday! Last year was the "quarter-century" milestone, but we forgot to celebrate with a quarter of a cake and all those other fun quarter-themed decorations. I'm going to go big next year when I hit that milestone...
Anyways, this week we celebrated my birthday AND B's birthday, and we had a really good time and didn't go present-crazy.

My birthday was Wednesday, but I got my first card from a friend on Tuesday. Wednesday was my crazy 11-hours-of-labs-with-no-breaks-day.... But other than coming home with sore feet, I had a fantastic day. My classmates in the AM sang happy birthday to me, and in my PM class I got to go home early without cleaning up... Top that off with all the yummy food I got to take home (TONS of hors d'oeuvres from a retirement party we catered), and it was a great day.
I also received birthday cards from C and 2 of his friends from daycare (really sweet drawings of cakes...) and I got phone calls from my sister and from B's aunt.
Yesterday (Friday) B and I got cards in the mail from B's mom and aunt, and MIL sent us some $$, so we decided to celebrate as a family by eating out.

Dinner was great (we went to Swiss Chalet, nothing super fancy), the service was great, and when B went to take C to the potty, I snuck in a request for B's favourite dessert (carrot cake) with a candle....
the boys came back from the washroom...
the servers started singing...
B said to me "oh, it's someone's birthday"...
and then they stopped at our table, and he started to laugh...
He hadn't expected dessert, so I got him good.

Tonight we're celebrating with some friends and family. I'm making pizza and carrot cake (and cookies for national cookie day) and we're going to play board games and have some nice wine and pie (made by my dad).

For presents, we didn't go really big. B got me nice flowers and a book on decorating cupcakes(well to be honest, I bought it and told him it was his gift to me), and I got him the newMumford and Sons CD (and he bought himself Civ5).

It's starting to feel more like Christmas is coming. I've got Christmas presents for my mom and dad, and we're partly done buying for my immediate family and B's mom, but we still have presents for the North Bay family's gift exchange, and also for each other and for C... so I guess I have more shopping left than I thought I did.
We've put the tree up. I was hoping to do an advent calendar with an ornament a day, but I'm a little behind. we've got a red bead garland and round red ornaments up, and I'm hoping to make a few ornaments with C, (like this and this and this) but I might do that in a week or so when exams are over. (I just realized that this is my last pre-Christmas exam period EVER! I would cheer if I wasn't trying to get a grumpy 2-year old to sleep right now)

How is your holiday decorating going? Any suggestions on kid-friendly holiday decor?


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