Monday, November 15, 2010

~Giving Update~

15 days have come and gone already in this 30 Days of Giving Challenge, and I wanted to give an update on our journey.

Some of the ways we've given:
-Operation Christmas Child: we filled 2 boxes and I wrote a letter to each of the kids, and we actually sent them in!! (last year we got 2 boxes but never filled them)
***If you want to give to OCC, This week is National Collection Week so hurry!!***
-visited a friend who is going through a tough custody battle and gave her the gift of a listening ear and unconditional love
-donated my time and talents at a nutrition program for the YMCA (I finished up 5 weeks of cooking lessons for kids)
-made a cute baby blanket and "Welcome" cake for my cousin's brand new baby girl
-gave my little man a full afternoon of "Mommy time" and we got his hair cut, went out for ice cream, and played and tickled and read whatever C wanted
-used my coupons to get extra cleaning supplies (super cheap) for a friend who just started a house-cleaning business
-brought coffee to my amazing daycare provider to make her Friday afternoon a little easier
-baked treats and delivered them to friends
-I helped at church in the nursery
-B helped do powerpoint for both services on Sunday
-donated new toy for a toy drive at a local shelter

More plans for the rest of the month:
-donating gently used clothing to the Salvation Army
-spending quality time with my grandpa who has recently suffered a few strokes
-finishing and donating baby blankets to an organization called Sunshine Hugs or Blankets for Canada that will send them to Interval House or Morningstar Mission (both in Napanee)
-donating unused yarn to volunteers for Sunshine Hugs to make other items including dish rags, hats, scarves, mitts, and afghans
-giving time and organization to our family by de-cluttering our home
-getting an early start on my Christmas baking, and bringing some treats over to the Bethel Houses (a program started by my church to help men recovering from addictions)
-using this list from our church to help us find more ways to get involved in volunteering locally
-listening to the promptings of the still small voice to give even when I don't think I have time and especially when I have to step outside my comfort zone

Do you have any more ideas on how I can give?



  1. This is awesome! Congrats on giving... I'd suggest Operation Beautiful ( ) :)

  2. Thanks! I saw the notes you took pictures of, and I've wanted to try that for a while. All I need is some sticky notes.