Friday, July 23, 2010

My Link Love

I've been reading Link Loves at Prudent Baby, and I wanted to share some of my favourite links from this past week...

B and I have been trying to downsize our "stuff" and get rid of a lot of the clutter we've been accumulating throughout our marriage (and from before we married) and I've found a bunch of wonderful sites like this one which deals with the journey to get organized and stay that way. Here are ten easy anti-clutter tactics if you find yourself wanting to get organized.

I love making cupcakes and decorating them, and this is a wonderful idea to take cupcake decorating to another level by using special cupcake liners!
Dress up your cupcakes!!

I saw this article on the kLove site this week about a man who live in a 182 square foot home. I love minimalism, and while I cannot say that I am a minimalist (by ANY stretch of the imagination!) I want to be able to use every square foot and live in every part of my home like this man does.

We are not expecting another bundle, but I always love looking at how other people decorate their baby rooms, and here is a site with some really adorable nurseries! Also if you want to create a list of baby names you love, check out this baby name site that saves your preferences and chooses names that are similar for you to enjoy.

I read a post on a friends site last week about writing a letter to your 17-year old self, and this week I found a site where you submit letters to your own body. What would you say to your body if you wrote it a letter?

Another blogger that I love is Sarah London whose amazing crochet work is filled with vibrant colours. I've been looking all over for crochet books and patterns, and finally I've found a crochet-er whose work I adore! (PS is that a word?)

I'm starting to think about the holidays this year. My family chose names of who we're buying gifts for, and so Christmas is on my mind already. On top of that I have a birthday party to plan for my monkey, and also a halloween costume to either buy or make (HELP! I need ideas!!)....well I was clicking around, and I heard about the Jesse tree, and I was ecstatic to find a wonderful new Christmas tradition I'd love to start with my little family!

I hope you enjoy my links! Please send me any that you've found this week that you love!

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