Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Challenge: Day Ten

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Today is the last day of the Holiday Challenge with Amber and Neely, and the topic is New Years Memories.

I've never gone to fancy parties on New Years, but I do have some fun memories.

A tradition we had when I was a kid was ordering Kentucky Fried Chicken (so mom didn't have to cook) and playing the board game Clue.
Every time I play that game I remember New Years with my family.

I remember in high school I threw a slumber party for a few of my close friends. Since my birthday is the first day of December, the party was kind of to celebrate that.
memories of that night include:
-my dad offering alcohol to my friends, and one of them being really upset because we were all underage
-staying up most of the night talking
-having BOYS sleep over at my parents house

One other memory is of the big deal that was made in 1999 about how technology was going to stop working when it turned midnight. I remember sitting by the TV waiting for all the power to go out and being so disappointed that nothing even happened.

Every year since we've been married, I always have a New Years kiss with my husband. My best memory of New Years since we've been married was our year in Sweden. Our flight got back on New Years Eve, and the runway was really slippery. We all applauded our pilot for landing safely. When we got back to our little flat, we were exhausted and had forgotten that what day it was, so when people started shooting off fireworks outside, we had to really think hard about what was going on.

This year we don't have any plans (which is normal) but I do hope we can have a cheese fondue, make some oliebollen (a dutch treat) and play Clue!


  1. We absolutely loved the game Clue! Great memories!

  2. I love your memories! Thanks for sharing. I haven't played Clue in years and I have to say that cheese fondue sounds amazing. I think we need fondue and board games as a family NYE tradition. Thank you for the idea. :)

  3. Sounds like some great memories of NYE! I think I'd love to be in Sweden for any holiday!