Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Link Loves on a Lazy Day

I'm thrilled to be back home after an amazing and relaxing vacation to Northern Ontario. We stayed with great friends, and got to see extended family, and we had enough time (4 days) to visit with everyone and yet still feel refreshed.

As wonderful as our vacation was, I'm so happy to be home. We SHOULD have about 4 weeks before this baby comes, although last night we had a little panicked phone call to the midwife because we thought this baby was in a hurry to show up. Things are back to normal, I'm just getting beat up constantly and wishing for the days before Monkey showed up when I could just nap if I was tired...

Today is a chilly day, so I don't think we'll be playing with bubbles or sidewalk chalk outside. However, I have found some fun activities to hopefully keep Monkey occupied.

Homemade goldfish crackers have only 5 ingredients and look really simple yet really yummy. The recipe uses a food processor, but I hope I could use my blender.

I started a craft box filled with things to do. Last week we made crayons from broken pieces of old crayons and we painted handprint flowers and dinosaurs with watercolour paint. We've got colouring books, old magazines and catalogues, markers, play dough, stickers and lots more. I'm trying to break the bad habit of letting him watch a movie while I get supper ready, so I'm hoping that this box can bring us lots of fun time together.

Activities that I'm drooling over but will likely never tackle include
-making a mobile for above the baby's crib
-making a garland to welcome the new baby, and another one for Monkey's birthday (coming up in a few weeks!)
-personalizing some onesies for the new baby (after our shopping trip this weekend we've now got plenty of neutral newborn sleepers and onesies)

Some great and encouraging posts I've read include:
- My Rules and Long Letter to a New Mom (both from Clover Lane)
- Scriptural Encouragement for Preparing & Giving Birth (from Passionate Homemaking)

This week my biggest project is organizing my freezer and putting together some easy meals that I can just throw in the oven once the baby is here. I've got some instant meals (pizzas, perogies, soups...) but I want to give myself a little more variety so that we don't get bored with the same thing and give in to the "get takeout" monster and mess up the budget.

Happy Wednesday everyone! And happy day 2 of school to all my Canadian friends!


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