Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WILW: Mom's Week!

Mother's Day to me has always been right around my mom's birthday (May 12) and since it was so early this year, I guess I got distracted and missed celebrating my own mother.
So this weekend is my planned celebration with my mom.

I'm loving so much about this weekend, and I'm just really excited it's finally so close!

I'm linking up with Jamie, so head over here and see what others are loving this week!

I'm loving the plans with my mom: Dinner at a nice restaurant, a concert, and then a girl's night out in a hotel!
We're seeing Rainer Hersch, who is a British/German comedian and conductor. I'm looking forward to having an awesome time with my mom as we enjoy his show from BOX SEATS!

I'm loving the amazing gift my mom and sister gave me of a clean kitchen/living room/Monkey's room... We were so encouraged with their help cleaning that I cleaned the bathroom, and we started organizing our bedroom...

I'm loving the job fair that's happening this afternoon, and the possibility that I might find a job!

I'm loving the plants I got last week at the farmer's market, and on mother's day. I'm Also loving the amazing sunshine we've been having, and how I've had my plants outside overnight for 3 nights now, and they're growing!

Planters, some herbs, some tomato sprouts (which all died, so I bought tomato plants), and soil.

Herbs on the left (chives, chocolate mint, lemon thyme, and parsley).
Tomato sprouts in the round green containers.
Seeds I'd like to plant on the right (it's still to early for some)

I'm loving these new jeans from Old Navy (and that I got them on clearance for $16 instead of the regular price of $42)

The last pair of maternity jeans I got (I think from Thyme Maternity) ripped last week, so I needed new ones, and these are really comfy and have a lot of room for baby to grow!

I don't think this is the exact picture, but they're dark wash, low rise, boot-cut jeans... and they're on clearance so I couldn't find them on the old navy website.

BUT if you do shop right now, orders of $50 or more have free shipping! And they always have great sales. I LOVE Old Navy.

I'm loving that we get to see our little bean this Friday! Hubby didn't get to see any ultrasounds with Monkey, so he really wanted to come to this one.
I can't believe I'm 19 weeks along already!
The baby has been moving a bit. He/She is a night hawk just like Monkey, so I can usually feel kicks before I head to bed. Hubby hasn't felt any yet, but hopefully he will soon!

And OF COURSE I'm loving my amazing Hubby, and my cute, trouble-making Monkey...

What are you loving this week?



  1. Good luck at the job fair!
    And looks like you get to have some gardening fun! :-)

  2. We are planting stuff too! Tis the season! :) Hope you have a great day!

  3. great things your loving! Happy wednesday!

  4. Love all of the herbs!!!

    Those are some awesome things that you are loving today!!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  5. Stopping by from WILW:)Congratulations on your little one!!