Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Biking, biking, biking!!!

I miss my bike....I'll rephrase that. I missED my bike. 2 summers ago was my last bike-riding summer before flying across the ocean and living in another country for 8 months....and then when I came back there was a giant BEAN growing...
and soooooo it's been almost 2 years since I've given my beautiful hunk of metal fantasticness any serious loving...
so last weekend I decided that since the snow is gone (except for little patches deep in the shade) it's time to give my bike the attention she needs! So I took her to the shop and got her all checked out (new chain, check the breaks and the gears, pump the tires....) and then I got to RIDE!!

My ride is a Giant OCR3 in turquoise....she is light as a feather and I feel like I'm flying when I ride her. I've had her for 5 years almost...and she took me all the way from Guelph, ON to Halifax NS one summer.
At our last apartment, someone left a beautiful red Devinci which needed some work, so since B didn't have a bike, he inherited the Devinci. we fixed it up with new brake pads and a new front tire, and now we can both do some serious rides!
C also had to get in on the biking fun and since he's WAY to little to try it on his own, we started looking at bike seats that mount just behind the handebars, and also rear mounting seats, and trailers, but we got a trailer in the summer and it weighs a ton, so we were hoping for something lighter.
at the bike shop in town, we asked if they had and bike seats available or that we could order, and they had one in the store that they sold us for half price! great quality, easy to install, and it's going to grow with C for at least 2 summers!! we were super excited, so now all of us have great, working bikes (or seats) and we can get out and explore this wonderful city!

I'm doing the 101 in 1001 challenge (I'm trying to edit and organize my list...please have patience with my OCD) and one of my goals is to put 10,000km on my bicycle, so I want to keep track of my process.

my bike rides so far:

March 5: 5.4 km (bike shop to home!!)
March 6: 2.5km (around the block and to the playground)
March 7: 11km (family biked to church and home!)
March 9: 18km (biked to school, to a friends, and then home)

TOTAL: 36.9km

I'm loving the weather, and I hope you all are too!!
happy trails!

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