Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Smile! it's starting to feel like Christmas!

Ok, so this is post number 3, but I've done a lot more that I haven't posted yet...
I just wanted to keep a bit of a record of how things have been going so far.

I've been wearing a pedometer lately, but I have a habit of either putting it on half way through the day, or taking it off and forgetting about it...
So I've had a few days of high numbers, I think a couple over 10,000 steps. I just need to keep measuring. the steps aren't counting as my exercise, but I want to make sure I am moving all day.
Tonight I had salmon from was pre-seasoned, so it probably had lots of salt, but I'm trying to work myself slowly into the realm of fish...and all I did was steam it for 15 minutes. it was amazing. i also had baked pepper squash and broccoli. great dinner, really filling, and there's enough left over for tomorrow night.

Today I had half the day off because I had an exam after my morning class, and I finished early. C stayed at daycare until almost 4:30, and I had a whole afternoon to myself.
I put in one hour on the wii, and more than half was cardio (I really sweat to it too) so I felt really good.

Tomorrow I don't know what I'll be making in lab, but hopefully it's not coated in fat...

Until next time!

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  1. awesome :D just remember it takes one step at a time. I will always be there to step with you.